How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy 2
How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy 2 ?

How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy 2 ?

How to make sand in Little Alchemy 2? Little Alchemy 2 is the second series of the unique game Little Alchemy. The game is really interesting as the player, you work as an Alchemy who combines and mix elements to create new elements on earth.

One of the elements in Little Alchemy 2 is sand. In this game, the Sand element is formed from some other elements. Meanwhile, when you have created the sand, you can combine it with other elements to create others. So, do you want to make sand in this game? Here are the steps.

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Making Sand in Little Alchemy 2

Sand is made from Stone and Wind in Little Alchemy 2. Well, it may sound easy but in fact, it doesn’t. Stone and Wind themselves are made from some other elements.

How to make Stone in Little Alchemy 2? For this element, you must prepare 3 elements, they are Earth, Fire, and Air. First of all, combine Earth and Fire to form Lava. The Lava element that has been made is then combined with air. Here is the stone for you.

Next, here is the Wind element to make before creating Sand. How to make Wind in Little Alchemy 2? To create this element, you only need to prepare Air 3 times. Two of the Airs are combined to create Pressure. Then, Pressure is added with the third Air and the Wind element is made.

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Now, you have Stone and Wind. Sure, you only need to combine them and you get the Sand element.

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What to Make with Sand in Little Alchemy 2

Now, you have made Sand in the game. So, what can you make with this element in Little Alchemy 2? Interestingly, there are so many new elements to make with Sand. Here are some of them.

If you want to create Glass from the Sand, you can just add Electricity. How to make electricity in Little Alchemy 2? It is a little bit complex indeed but, in the end, what you need is Sun and Solar Cell.

Do you want to make Beach in this game? Well, it is possible also using Sand. You can just add Sea which is made from a combination of Lake and Water. Meanwhile, the Desert element only needs double Sand elements. It is easy, isn’t it?

Other elements to create with Sand are Sandpaper, Jinn, and Sandman. How to make Sandpaper in Little Alchemy 2? You just need to add Paper. For Jinn and Sandmand, the elements to add are Demon and Monster respectively.

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