NTUC Insurance Motorcycle Review in Singapore
NTUC Insurance Motorcycle Review in Singapore

NTUC Insurance Motorcycle Review in Singapore

NTUC Insurance Motorcycle Review in Singapore from imaxshift.com Insurance is a necessity that everyone in the world must have at this time, to ensure safety in the future, be it life insurance, health insurance, and motorbike insurance. Having insurance means that you have the freedom to use a motorbike for daily trips, holidays, work, and other needs. Besides that, insurance will also provide you with financial protection if one day something bad happens.

So how do you determine the best motorcycle insurance in Singapore? Lots of institutions provide motorcycle insurance services with various offers. Before you choose, make sure you know the benefits and insurance services provided. One of the best institutions is NTUC Insurance Motorcycle, an insurance agency that was founded in 2015 and provides many benefits for motorbike users who need insurance coverage.

What Is NTUC Insurance Motorcycle?

NTUC Insurance Motorcycle is the best motorcycle insurance agency in Singapore, NTUC Insurance offers a wide range of benefits at affordable and comprehensive prices. In addition to motorcycle insurance, NTUC Insurance also offers health insurance, life insurance, housing insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, student insurance, and many other insurances.

What makes it different from other insurance policies is that NTUC Insurance provides packages that the insured can choose according to their needs and are accompanied by discounts when making premium payments for each package. Apart from that, you can also use the vouchers you get when you register to get other attractive offers.

Benefits Of NTUC Commercial Insurance Motorcycle

As a major insurance policy institution in Singapore, of course, it provides additional benefits compared to other insurance institutions. You can get this benefit after joining NTUC Insurance. Here are some excellent benefits that you can get if you use NTUC Insurance Motorcycle:

  1. Can choose 3 packages according to the needs of the insured
  2. The insured will get a coupon that can be exchanged for a discount when making premium payments.
  3. Insurance premiums can be paid in installments or paid together.
  4. Insurance can be paid in installments or paid directly
  5. Official institutions with more affordable premiums compared to other insurance institutions.
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What Does NTUC Insurance Motorcycle Cover?

The coverage provided by NTUC Insurance is not a joke, all damage, losses, and costs due to accidents will be given directly to the heirs of the insured. Besides, that compensation will also be given if the insured dies during an accident, this compensation is outside of property financing and also medical expenses. The following are the dependents that you will get if you join NTUC Insurance:

  1. The insured will be given replacement costs incurred for vehicle repairs in the event of an accident.
  2. Liability for damage to motorbikes and other property in the event of an accident, this coverage includes the insured himself and also third parties in an accident.
  3. All the needs of the insured in the event of an accident will be fully taken care of by NTUC Insurance.

NTUC Insurance Motorcycle Promo Code

As explained above, each insured will get a promo code based on the insurance package they choose. With the promo code, the insured will be relieved regarding premium payments. Usually, if you just joined, you will be given 3 promo codes with a premium discount of almost 50 percent.

This promo code is not only obtained once, but you can get it every year. That way you won’t be burdened with paying insurance premiums every month because you already get a discount from the promo code.

How To Renew NTUC Insurance Motorcycle?

If you are an NTUC Insurance user, of course, you also have to know how to renew the insurance. How to update it is also very easy, fast, and not complicated. NTUC Insurance will usually provide a warning notification a month before your active insurance period ends.

Another Interesting Topic:  NTUC Motor Insurance Review in Singapore

To renew it, you just need to follow the steps outlined by NTUC Insurance. After that, you will return to paying premiums as before.

With an extension or renewal notification, of course, you won’t forget it and the insurance won’t expire either. In this message, you will be given tax details and also the advantages of using NTUC Insurance.

There are several things that you should pay attention to when renewing your insurance card, one of which is the renewal start date to avoid any problems in the next renewal. If you have trouble doing it yourself, you should ask an officer for help, because all NTUC Insurance officers will always serve you well.

The next thing that you must pay attention to is the choice of insurance package. During the extension, you will be asked by NTUC Insurance Motorcycle regarding the package that you will choose next. The clerk will again offer a special package like the first time you registered. You can choose a new package or stay with the previous package. Make sure you choose the right package according to your ability to pay premiums and the insurance you need.

NTUC Motor Insurance Hotline

If you are interested in using the services of NTUC Insurance there are several hotlines that you can contact easily. You can contact this contact person within 1×24 hours and will respond quickly. One easy way to get information about NTUC Insurance is to visit the official website at the nut. Org or you can call 6213 8008 (Monday-Friday 09.00-16-30 PM, Saturday 09.00-12.30 PM). (andre-red)