NTUC Car Insurance Review in Singapore
NTUC Car Insurance Review in Singapore

NTUC Car Insurance Review in Singapore

NTUC Car Insurance Review in Singapore from Imaxshift.com  NTUC Automobile Insurance is currently very important for those of you who have four-wheeled vehicles or what we usually call cars. There are many types of insurance itself and of course, there are also many benefits that will be obtained.

This type of insurance is very suitable for those of you who are abroad, especially in Singapore. Actually, what is meant by automobile insurance from NTUC?

What is NTUC Car Insurance

NTUC Automobile Insurance is an insurance brand that does not require the promotion in Singapore. Naturally, this insurance has great popularity in the insurance market, especially among local drivers. This insurance has a very broad product called DRIVO, and this insurance also has 3 types.

The first type is the classic type, the second is the Premium type, and the last is the Prestige type. Then what kind of coverage can use for this NTUC automobile insurance?

  1. Minor damage to your vehicle caused by accident fire or theft.
  2. Damage caused by the property of a third party
  3. Allowance for personal accident
  4. Towing service
  5. Can choose a workshop

The difference between NTUC Car Insurance, NTUC Income Car Insurance, and NTUC Commercial Car Insurance
What’s the difference between NTUC Automobile Insurance, NTUC Income Car Insurance, and also NTUC Commercial Car Insurance? let’s just check below

NTUC Automobile Insurance

NTUC automobile insurance will handle a lot of things. You can even claim your death insurance if the death is caused by a car accident that has been insured by NTUC.

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Apart from that even fatal damage can be handled with insurance from NTUC, you can also easily activate this insurance because this insurance does not require a lot of documents to activate it.

NTUC Income Car Insurance

  • DRIVO is divided into 2 tiers of comprehensive packages: Drivo Classic, and Drivo Premium
  • Drivo Classic only permits repairs at authorized repair shops
  • Meanwhile, Drivo Premium gives you the option to choose the workshop that you like.
  • They cover all other aspects in common, from third-party damage (including fire, theft, flood), medical expenses, and personal accidents, to windscreen covers.
  • Roadside assistance from the NTUC Orange Troop accident response team.
  • Options for overseas assistance, such as medical expenses or repatriation, are available for an additional fee
  • There is a policy excess of S$600 for each accident claim
  • NTUC Drivo provide honest and decent comprehensive coverage for the price they charge.
  • DRIVO is suitable for most drivers of all profiles, as well as those looking for more flexibility to adjust their premium.
  • Not ideal for those seeking protection from damaged/stolen accessories and personal items

NTUC Commercial Car Insurance

  • You will be covered for loss of or damage to your vehicle and its accessories caused by:
  • Accidental collision or overturning
  • Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, burglary, theft, or being struck by a falling object
  • Evil acts
  • Strike, riot, riot or
  • Floods, typhoons, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or other natural disasters

NTUC Car Insurance Renewal

For automobile insurance, of course, you need something called renewal and extension, but it’s also getting easier in this sophisticated world, you can use an online application and register online and can fill in your data online.

About one month before your auto insurance expires, the insurance company will send you a renewal notice. You simply follow their step-by-step instructions to renew and pay for your auto insurance.

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In general, if the automobile insurance premium is lower than the previous year, the motorist has no objection to renewing with the existing insurance company. Otherwise, they will easily find several other car insurance quotes from elsewhere to compare.

NTUC Car Insurance Promo Code

NTUC Automobile Insurance will also provide several promo codes that you can use to get a discount from the initial price, you can check on the official website or you can check on websites that offer coupons for discounted prices.

NTUC Car Insurance Quote

For offers from NTUC Automobile Insurance, various Classic, Premium, and Prestige packages offer many benefits, all three of which will be adjusted to the needs of its users.

So for those of you who are just getting to know the world of automobile insurance, you don’t need to worry because insurers from NTUC will not take advantage of the ignorance of their customers, of course, you will be assisted in finding insurance that suits you by filling out or answering some of the questions they give. If there is anything you want to ask or consult, you don’t need to hesitate to ask directly.

NTUC Car Insurance Hotline

To contact NTUC Automobile Insurance you don’t need to bother, you can immediately check on their official website and get their number there, you can also use the live chat feature which will answer you immediately in real-time.

You can call the Hotline at 6213-8008 Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm, and on Saturday from 9 am to 12.30 pm.

This is the information that can be conveyed about NTUC Automobile Insurance, hopefully, this is useful