How To Change Address In Singpass For S Pass Holder
How To Change Address In Singpass For S Pass Holder ?

How To Change Address In Singpass For S Pass Holder ?

Tips on how to change address in singpass for s pass holder – Changing your address in SingPass as an S Pass holder in Singapore involves a few important steps. The process requires coordination between the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), and the S Pass holder.

How To Change Address In Singpass For S Pass Holder ?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process:

  • Notification to MOM: As an S Pass holder, it’s crucial to inform MOM about changes in your residential address. This needs to be done using the EP eService. Both the employer and the pass holder have a role to play in updating the address. The update should be made within 5 days of changing your residence to avoid penalties. Employers are also responsible for updating changes in the pass holder’s salary, occupation, and in case the pass holder goes missing.
  • Using EP eService: The EP eService is the primary tool for updating contact details. It’s a user-friendly online platform where you can log in and make the necessary changes to your address or mobile number. The process is straightforward, and the update happens immediately. After updating, an acknowledgment page should be printed and kept with the pass card.
  • ICA’s e-Service for Address Change: For updating your residential address, you should use ICA’s e-Service. This service requires you to log in using your SingPass. After reporting your new address, a unique 6-digit PIN will be mailed to your new address. You need to verify this PIN through the e-Service to confirm your new address. Following the verification, a sticker with the new address will be mailed to you, which should be affixed to the back of your Identity Card (IC).
  • Compliance with Housing Requirements: Make sure the new address meets the relevant housing requirements set by the Singaporean authorities. This is especially important for foreign workers living in Singapore.
  • FWMOMCare App: The FWMOMCare app is another platform where S Pass holders can update their residential address and mobile number. This is part of ensuring that your records are up to date with MOM.
  • Documentation and Verification: When changing your address, it’s crucial to have all your documents in order, like your passport and S Pass. The verification process includes receiving and responding to the PIN sent by ICA, as well as affixing the new address sticker to your IC.
  • Expertise and Trustworthiness: These procedures are outlined by the Ministry of Manpower and the Government of Singapore, reflecting their expertise and authority in managing employment and residential matters for foreign workers in Singapore.
  • Additional Information: For more detailed information and to carry out the updates, you can visit the Ministry of Manpower’s official website and the Government of Singapore’s website.
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This guide aims to provide a clear and trustworthy path for S Pass holders looking to update their address in SingPass, underlining the importance of timely and accurate information updates as part of maintaining legal and administrative compliance in Singapore.

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