Desaru Tour Package
Desaru Tour Package

Experience the Best with Our Desaru Tour Package: Your Gateway to Paradise!

Desaru Tour Package – Desaru, located in the southeastern region of Johor, Malaysia, is a renowned destination that offers a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences. Known for its pristine beaches, luxurious resorts, and unique attractions, Desaru is a perfect getaway for families, couples, and solo travelers.

This comprehensive guide delves deeper into what makes Desaru a must-visit destination, highlighting the experiences that underscore expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

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Comprehensive Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Luxurious Stay

  • Accommodation: Check into premium resorts like Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast or Westin Desaru for a luxurious stay. These resorts are known for their exceptional service and amenities.
  • Desaru Waterpark: A visit here is ideal for families and thrill-seekers. It’s famous for its water rides and one of the largest wave pools globally.
  • Seafood Dinner: End the day with a seafood dinner at renowned local restaurants like Lotus Desaru, celebrated for their fresh seafood and authentic flavors.

Day 2: Golf, Fruit Farms, and Evening Cruises

  • The Els Golf Course: Start your day at this world-class golf course, offering a challenging and scenic golfing experience.
  • Desaru Fruit Farm: This award-winning agro-tourism site lets you explore various tropical fruits and interact with farm animals.
  • Evening Cruises: Consider a serene river cruise at Sungei Lebam, where you can witness mangroves and fireflies, accompanied by a sumptuous seafood dinner.
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Day 3: Ostrich Farm and Cultural Exploration

  • Desaru Ostrich Farm: An educational visit to see and learn about ostriches, with opportunities for unique interactions like ostrich riding.
  • Cultural Visits: Explore local cultural sites, including traditional villages and seafood restaurants, offering an authentic taste of local life.

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Unique Experiences and Activities

  • Firefly Valley Leisure Park: A romantic spot for watching fireflies while picnicking with loved ones.
  • Tanjung Balau Fishing Village: Experience the old-school kampung vibes, enjoy seafood feasts, and visit the fishermen’s museum.
  • Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast: This waterpark features over 20 thrilling rides and attractions suitable for all ages.

Tailored Tour Packages

  • Family and Corporate Tours: Various tour packages cater to different groups, including family-friendly itineraries and corporate tours with comprehensive inclusions like meals and activities.
  • Personalized Services: Operators like HolidayGoGoGo and MalaysiaTravel provide personalized services to ensure a memorable experience.

Choosing a Reputable Tour Operator

Selecting a reliable tour operator is crucial for a safe and enjoyable trip. Established providers like WTS Travel & Tours and Holidays from Singapore are known for their comprehensive packages and dependable services.


Desaru Tour Package – Desaru’s diverse offerings, from luxurious beach resorts to unique ecological experiences, make it an ideal destination for a well-rounded holiday. When planning your trip, consider the various activities and choose a package that aligns with your interests. Rely on trusted tour operators to ensure a hassle-free and enriching experience.

For more detailed itineraries and specific package information, refer to the websites of JohorTrip​​,​​,​​,​​,​​, and​​, among others. These sources provide a wealth of information to help you plan your ideal Desaru tour.

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