How To Check Vehicle Inspection Status In Singapore
How To Check Vehicle Inspection Status In Singapore?

How To Check Vehicle Inspection Status In Singapore?

Automotive – How to check vehicle inspection status in Singapore? In Singapore, ensuring your vehicle is regularly inspected is crucial for road safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

The process for checking your vehicle’s inspection status involves understanding the inspection frequency, preparing for inspection, and knowing where to go for these inspections.

Understanding Vehicle Inspection Frequency

The frequency of vehicle inspections in Singapore varies based on the type and age of the vehicle. For instance, motorcycles and scooters over three years old, as well as cars older than 10 years, require annual inspections. In contrast, newer cars (between 3 to 10 years old) are inspected biennially. Special vehicles, like taxis and omnibuses, have different inspection frequencies, often more frequent due to their nature of use​​.

Preparing for Inspection

Before taking your vehicle for inspection, it’s essential to be aware of what will be checked. The inspection covers various components, including lighting equipment, steering system, braking system, suspension system, tyres, road wheels, engine, transmission, and other general items. Understanding these areas can help you ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition before inspection, potentially avoiding the need for a re-inspection​​.

Where to Go for Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections must be conducted at LTA-Authorised Inspection Centres (AIC). You do not need to wait for an inspection notice from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. If your vehicle is found to have illegal modifications, it may be subject to more frequent inspections under the Enhanced Inspection Regime (EIR)​​.

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Checking Inspection Status and Results

You can check when your vehicle is due for inspection and view inspection results through the LTA’s OneMotoring website. This digital platform offers a convenient way to manage your vehicle-related matters, including inspection schedules and history​​.

VICOM, a leading provider of vehicle inspection services in Singapore, has inspected over 12 million vehicles since its inception in 1982. Their ISO 9001 certification is a testament to their commitment to quality and excellence in vehicle inspection services​​.

Inspection Costs

The cost of vehicle inspections varies depending on the vehicle type and the specific tests required. For example, inspection fees for motorcycles and scooters are different from those for cars and station wagons. Additional tests, such as the Diesel Smoke Test and the High Idle Emission Test, may incur extra charges​​.

In conclusion, regular vehicle inspections are a critical part of vehicle ownership in Singapore, ensuring that vehicles remain safe and roadworthy. By understanding the inspection frequency, preparing adequately, and knowing where and how to check your vehicle’s inspection status, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free inspection process.

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