instant paytm cash website
instant paytm cash website

Top Instant Paytm Cash Website to Make Money Online Once You Register

You should learn about the instant Paytm cash website when learning about the way to earn PayPal money instantly. Knowing the website means that you know the right place to get cash online. Check the following list first before making money online through instant Paytm cash websites.


The fastest way to earn cash from this website is by signing up. In this case, you will get a welcome bonus once you have an account. Then, you can add the amount of the cash by inviting your friends to join using an invitation code or link.

Go to the official website and tap on the get it now option. Tap on the register button. The system asks you to enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP. Ensure that you enter a correct and active phone number.

Check your wallet once your account is approved. You will receive the welcome bonus after this process. To withdraw your cash is also easy. Sign in and go to your dashboard. Tap on the withdraw button and enter your UPI Address.

That’s it! You are ready to withdraw the money you get from FieWin. The app will transfer the cash to your bank account.


OctaFxTrade is an instant Paytm cash website for those who are attracted to virtual stock trading. You can learn how to invest in stock while making money. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner because this website has an online stock market game or stock simulation game.

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Use these games to understand how to be a stock investor and make a lot of money from it. Like FieWin, you will also receive a welcome bonus. Go to the official website to register and tap on the signup button.

Enter your username and ID. You also have to enter your Paytm Registered Mobile Number and submit it. Select your location and verify your email address. Now, you have a dashboard and get extra cash in your wallet.

Share the banner or referral link if you want to get more cash. You can only withdraw the cash after achieving its minimum. The team will transfer the cash to your bank account within 24 hours of your request.


FinShorts is a website where you can join financial surveys. It is perfect for those who want to share their financial ideas while making money online. You have to complete at least 24 polls for each category.

The topic varies, including start-up, economy, personal finance, tax, corporate, stock market, and many more. Like the two websites above, this instant Paytm cash website also gives you a welcome bonus. You will get extra cash if you share a banner and a referral link.