free PayPal money instantly 2022
free PayPal money instantly 2022

Android Apps to Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly

Free PayPal money instantly 2022 – Do you know that you can earn an additional income by just using your smartphone? There are so many money-making apps that you can use to earn easy money. These apps will give you a variety of tasks that you must complete, like filling out surveys, watching ads, downloading apps, and playing games. Once you have managed completing those tasks, you will get rewards either in the forms of coins or points.

Apps to Get Free PayPal Money Instantly 2022

Then, you can redeem those rewards for PayPal dollars or gift cards. Here are the Android apps to earn PayPal money instantly.

Google Opinion Reward

This money-making app is directly launched by Google. In Google Opinion Reward, you have to fill out the available surveys. But do not be worried because most surveys are easy and simple, such as about your traveling plans or comparing 2 logos. You should not carelessly fill out the surveys to get points. It is because Google will validate it. Once they have validated your surveys, then you will get points that you can redeem for dollars.

However, you will not be able to earn points every day on this app. It is because Google Opinion Reward does not provide surveys every day.


For those of you who love photography, you can use this app to get free PayPal money instantly 2022. Foap is an app that allows you to sell your photographs. The nicer the photographs, the better the money you will get. The price of each photograph starts from $5. With this app, you can do your fun hobby as well as get money from it. Make sure your photographs are real and do not belong to someone else’s copyright.

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If you visit the official website of this app, you can see that Foap partners with world-class, famous brands, such as Heineken, Nivea, Volvo, and Kraft Heinz. So, there is a possibility that your photographs will be distributed to their partners. Moreover, this app also distributes selected photographs to largest photo data websites, like Getty Images.


This app gives you rewards by just reading and sharing news or articles from the app. As you can see on the Play Store, Cashzine is a free app that is designed for Android users to read news, take tasks, and earn some cash. Besides PayPal, you can also withdraw your rewards directly from your bank account.

Those are the apps that can help you to earn free PayPal money instantly 2022.