positive money affirmations
positive money affirmations

4 Best Positive Money Affirmations and How to Achieve Them

Positive money affirmations can work well and fast as long as you know how to use them. There will be a lot of financial affirmartions you can find out there. However, these affirmations will do more harm than good if you don’t have the proper mindset when practicing them.

Positive Money Affirmations

This page will show you top money affirmations and how to use them to optimize the results.

Money: It Is All about Energy

Before speaking further about financial freedom affirmations, you need to know that is all about positive energy of the universe that you have to gain. It doesn’t only involve money but also your thoughts. So, you need to keep in mind that these two elements should be an energetic match.

This is also important to know that this universe operates based on Law of Attraction. Generally speaking, it means that the experiences that you have gained are actually the reflections of your thoughts. You even keep thinking of these thoughts unconsciously. In this way, once you use these money affirmations, you need to start thinking about thoughts of abundance a lot as your purpose. As the result, you can have more experience related to these wealth affimations.

Money Affirmations: How Do They Work?

It will be very beneficial if you can practice financial affirmartions to start your day. But, whether you realize it or not, you actually have already had these affirmations in your life. If your financial condition is not like what you expect, you might have practiced unsuitable affirmations. You need to keep in mind that an affirmartion is not just a statement. It helps you reflect your beliefs about something.

There are two common possibilities if you have practiced positive affirmations for financial abundance, but still, you don’t manifest enough money. There is a possibilty that you are affirming your lack of cash by complaining to yourself and others about it. This can be your first mistake. Another possible mistake that you do is that you keep repeating money affirmations that you don’t fully believe. Instead of the words themselves, understand that the magic of positive affirmations for money comes from the words that make you “feel” and believe. So, if you want to get success with the affirmations, you need to believe in them, feel hopeful, and excited. This is also important that you feel open to new possibilities to get the best results.

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Positive Money Affirmations to Practice Every Day

If you are looking for the best affirmations for money and financial success, here is the list to narrow down your options.

1. My Source of Money is Unlimited

As you get older and maturer, you need to realize that your job is not the only way you can get your money. Once you believe that you can only earn some cash through hard work, you have limited your chance to get abundance. This is simply because the universe knows well that the place where you stand now can provide you with money-making opportunities all the times. Hence, you will never be an energetic match with the positive money affirmations and the other income sources if you keep insisting that you only have one money source, instead of many.

Keep in mind that you need to have faith that the universe can give you everything you asked for as required by the affirmations. This is simply because your perspective as a human is limited. You need to believe that it is not your job to worry about how your wishes will come true. It is the universe job to get things happened to you. Once you understand this key factor, you can start applying for this money affirmation.

2. I Have Infinite Source of Income

One of the best positive financial affirmartions that you should repeat to yourself is that “my supply of income is infinite”. To start using this affirmartion, you need to ask yourself what you will feel if someone around you gets more money. You are in the right mindset to manifest money for yourself if you are genuinely happy for them. Those who receive more money usually have healthy faith about their own ability to receive such blessing. If you want to experience the same thing, you need to realize that there will be no way that their good fortune will take something for you.

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So, make sure that you repeat the affirmations financial abundance that the universe comes with its own money sources especially made for you. Contrary to what’s believed by most people, you are getting closer to manifesting more cash if someone around you is receiving more money. This is possible to happen since everything is about positive energy sent by the universe. In this way, if your energy is in line to the people who manifesting money, you will get the same thing soon.

3. I Am Worthy to Receive Money

Repeating “I am financially free” affirmations and keep telling yourself that you are worthy of abundance is also great to improve your financial situation. You need to believe that you deserve more money in your life. This is important since your self esteem has a huge impact on shaping your experience related to receiving money. If you used to put your family and people around you above all, it is the time to change that behavior and make yourself top priority.

To practice biblical financial affirmations, you need to understand your solar plexus chakra. Being found in the upper belly, this chakra is responsible to store your feelings. It is also the place where you keep your faith on the importance of confidence, worthiness, and personal power. You will need this polar plexus chakra healing if you don’t believe that you are worthy to get more money.

4. You Deserve Prosperity

Believing that prosperity is your birthright is one of positive affirmations for finance to practice. You need to get rid of the idea that the abundance and spirituality are impossible to coexist. This belief will prevent abundance to enter your life for good. It is important to understand that manifesting money can be a spiritual practice to help many people. In this way, believing that you deserve prosperity is one of positive money affirmations that you should repeat daily.