How to Make Paper in Little Alchemy 2
Steps on How to Make Paper in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Paper in Little Alchemy 2

Did you know that wood is a necessary element to make paper in Little Alchemy 2? If you want to know more about how to make paper in Little Alchemy 2, here are all the paper recipes:

  • wood + stirrer
  • wood + machine
  • wood + pressure
  • wood + water

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Step by step instructions on how to make paper in Little Alchemy 2

The easiest way on how to make wood in Little Alchemy 2 is to start with Life and Plants and combine Big and Pressure.

  • Earth and earth together form the earth.
  • Earth and Earth make continents.
  • Continents and continents form planets.
  • The planets and air make up the atmosphere.
  • Clouds form when water mixes with the atmosphere.
  • Fire and fire are two things that create energy.
  • Clouds and energy create lightning.
  • Water and water make a pond.
  • The pool is a double pool.
  • Ponds and ponds combine to form lakes.
  • The lake and lightning finally came to life.
  • Merge life and land to create land and animals together.
  • Then create humans to create tools
  • Water and earth become clay.
  • Air and lava make rock.
  • When clay is mixed with rock, it becomes clay.
  • Clay and life together make up man.
  • Make tools by mixing humans with other stones.
  • Lastly, you need to hammer wood to get wood to make paper.
  • Clouds and water combine to form rain.
  • Mix soil and rain to make wort.
  • Next, create time by mixing a total of 50 items.
  • Plants and trees of time.
  • Wood and woodworking tools.
  • Air and air create pressure.
  • Wood is mixed under pressure to make paper.
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Things You Should Know

When your eyes light up and your brain is sharp, you must be silent. As with all puzzle games, the best strategy is to fall back. Prepare with your eyes and your freshness, and you will be surprised by things you never thought possible.

It might be tempting to look for clues and unlock all the items right away (trust me, they’re there), but wait. If it takes you a week, a month, or six months to complete all the combinations on how to make pencil in little Alchemy 2, how to make money in little Alchemy 2, how to make letter in little Alchemy 2, it’s totally worth it.

Every new discovery is a badge of honor. Each depleted item is like removing one task from your to-do list. The discovery of all the last elements is an achievement. Completing the collection on how to make something like how to make blender in little Alchemy 2 will make you feel like a pirate after a long, difficult and rewarding adventure.

That’s all about how to make paper in Little Alchemy 2. Hopefully it’s useful.

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