NTUC Maid Insurance Review in Singapore
NTUC Maid Insurance Review in Singapore

NTUC Maid Insurance Review in Singapore

NTUC Maid Insurance Review in Singapore from imaxshift.com Singapore is a small country with a population of 5.31 million. The country does not have rich natural resources like Indonesia, but the Singaporean state is making a case for cooperative socialism rather than just planning. One of them is the presence of this NTUC maid insurance.

The presence of NTUC can make the country of Singapore provide goods that are quite affordable for the people, and the purchasing power of the people can be said to be quite stable. This is the reason for the existence of NTUC to be able to keep prices of daily needs more stable.

What is NTUC Maid Insurance

More about what is meant by NTUC maid insurance, which can be NTUC or the National Trade Union Congress, which is a multi-stakeholder cooperative in Singapore. NTUC itself can be included in the list of the 300 largest cooperatives in the world. There are two sub-cooperatives owned by NTUC namely NTUC Fair Price and NTUC Income.

This organization has considerable influence on government policy in terms of the economic side. This is because NTUC is not only able to carry out a stabilization of the price of necessities but can also increase the GDP of Singaporeans.

Benefits of NTUC Insurance for Maid

This discussion is about the advantages or benefits that you will get when you join NTUC insurance cover, namely in terms of health insurance, namely compensation for wages, obligations from third parties, and theft to help you which has been prepared to classify each benefit and insurance coverage.

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The medical costs are to help with hospitalization and surgery, insurance is needed to cover hospitalization costs and day-to-day operating costs in the event of an injury or illness. This in particular can also provide you with coverage for pre-hospital medical consultations and post-hospital diagnostic and follow-up care services.

What Does NTUC Maid Insurance Cover

Hospital Insurance

Next is a discussion of what is borne by insurance cost assistants. You need to know that not all agents of the maid insurance itself provide the same benefits beyond the minimum requirements and will also charge different fees.

Most of the NTUC maid insurance is an insurance company to provide coverage for medical and administrative expenses. Some of the groups included in the coverage are coverage for operating costs, coverage for repatriation costs, providing personal liability protection, and medical and dental coverage for some insurances.

However, several lists are generally excluded by insurance companies from health insurance, for example. Some of those excluded are alcoholism, pre-existing conditions, nursing care, psychiatric illness, cosmetic surgery, braces, and prosthetic devices.

Self-injury coverage for Domestic Helpers

This payment will be made in the event of an accident that causes permanent disability or death of the helper. Therefore certain insurance may also cover dental treatment or traditional Chinese medicine for injuries resulting from accidents.

Household Assistance for Hiring Substitute Helpers

Furthermore, NTUC maid insurance will give you a daily allowance for hiring a replacement or alternative maid. For the period and also the amount of this daily allowance depends on what is provided by the insurance.

Compensation and Wages Relief

If your housemaid is unable to work due to being hospitalized due to an injury, compensation will be given to you for the housemaid pilgrimage. Your domestic helper will pay her share of the salary while she is recovering.

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There are several other things that you will get by using NTUC maid insurance, namely repatriation costs to help the maid while returning to the country, there is the responsibility from a third party if the helper accidentally harms another person, the helper’s personal belongings if lost or damaged, and the helper’s replacement is forced to replace it for unexpected reasons.

How Much Does NTUC Maid Insurance Cost in Singapore

As long as you work in Singapore as a domestic worker, you are entitled to two types of insurance coverage, namely health insurance and work accident insurance. The first is health insurance in which employers are required to purchase insurance that guarantees compensation of S$15,000 annually.

Secondly, NTUC maid insurance, in the event of permanent disability, insurance will guarantee a compensation of S$60,000. You need to know that both of these insurances must be purchased by the employer before the worker comes to Singapore.

How to Buy NTUC Maid Insurance in Singapore

For those of you who want to buy maid insurance in Singapore, you need to consider several things. Just because domestic helper insurance in Singapore is mandatory for hiring foreign domestic helpers, doesn’t mean you have to buy the first package you see.

Employers must be able to compare and choose carefully besides factoring in premium costs. And checking out online reviews of insurance companies to help you get the best maid insurance coverage. So to buy NTUC maid insurance, you need to come to the center of the insurance company.

NTUC Maid Insurance Hotline

For those of you who wish to get more information about this maid insurance, you can contact the NTCU center, Singapore hotline at 018989.

Thus this discussion is related to NTUC maid insurance and hopefully, this is useful.