NTUC Car Insurance

NTUC Car Insurance Quote and Key Features to Know First

By subscribing to NTUC car insurance quote, you will no longer have to look for the obvious. NTUC is the most suitable option for the others. Even if you look at what NTUC offers users, it’s no wonder this is a trendy insurance outlet.

NTUC Insurance offers something that limits high claims, valuable benefits, and is affordable. This combines with a motor insurance policy that goes the distance. Regarding car insurance, NTUC is a plan that is among the top choices of today’s modern drivers.

This is because the plan provides sturdy and comprehensive protection. Those who use NTUC will only receive a high excess of $ 600 per claim. It does not cover personal belongings, which can be considered expensive for young drivers.

As for the pros, you will get when using the plan provided by NTUC, and this is the par value cover for vehicle damage or loss. This also includes the high cover against third-party claims. It also includes personal accident coverage of up to $50,000.

Key Features of NTUC Car Insurance Quote

NTUC insurance is from NTUC Income, one of the largest companies in Singapore. Drivers will always hear about NTUC insurance from the first time they own a car. This is because of their vast market share in the car insurance industry, including the following features:

1. Comprehensive Range of Benefits

Let’s start by explaining what is NTUC car insurance? This is a program that is provided a range of benefits for vehicles, drivers and third parties. The policy also covers you up to total market value for loss and damage to your car.

2. High Cover for Third Party Claims

The key feature of this company is its very noteworthy policy, especially for its high cover against third-party claims. From death or injury caused to third parties, NTUC car insurance will provide a maximum claim of $5 million.

3. Unlimited Cover for Windscreen Damage

When compared to other coverages, it rarely provides windscreen damage. This is what often makes people rarely get a severe windshield repair. Meanwhile, NTUC Drivo Car Insurance offers unlimited cover for the windshield.

4. The Exclusions

It is also vital for users of insurance services to know the exclusions of the insurance package they choose. Any loss or damage arising from a criminal breach, transport expenses, and personal items in your vehicle will not be covered.

5. Plan Tiers

Talking about what benefits does NTUC offer? Especially about the existing plan tiers, where the Drive comes in 2 tiers. There are Classic and Premium, and the cost and preferred work are the main differentiators.

6. The Cost

And finally, all users of insurance services certainly want to know how much they need to pay to get an insurance service. NTUC Income Drive Car Insurance comes with an average price of $483.10-$620 per month.

Singaporeans who own a car will immediately receive an offer to buy the products that NTUC provides. If you look at the NTUC service, this is indeed very interesting. It’s no wonder that NTUC car insurance comes with many variations of packages for car protection. (SA)