Twelve South HiRise Charge Dock For Apple Watch + Iphone
Twelve South HiRise Charge Dock For Apple Watch + Iphone

Twelve South HiRise Charge Dock For Apple Watch + Iphone

IMAXSHIFT.COM – Twelve South HiRise Charge Dock For Apple Watch + Iphone. Twelve South has a reputation for elevating Apple products, with a range of HiRise devices designed for iPhone /iPad and even MacBook. The HiRise Duet follows suit, catering to both iPhone and Apple Watch with its compact design. Measuring 3.75 inches square, it takes up less space than the Belkin alternative, thanks to its unique stacking design: the Apple Watch is charged at the bottom while the iPhone or iPad rests above.

Despite its shorter support behind the Lightning connector, the HiRise Duet ensures your iPhone remains securely upright during charging. An optional base attachment, easy to install, is available for added support, especially for Plus models. The Lightning connector is adjustable for case compatibility, although it requires the use of an included wrench instead of a simple dial turn.

The bottom position of the Apple Watch brings an advantage over the Belkin design, enabling the Watch to display in Nightstand mode for a convenient digital clock view when touched. The dock base features a leather surface, ensuring your Watch doesn’t suffer scratches from metal. Like the Valet, the HiRise Duet excels in essentials: simultaneous charging for both devices without cable clutter around your nightstand. With a price tag of $120, it’s also a slightly more affordable option than Belkin’s device.

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Review Twelve South HiRise Charge Dock For Apple Watch and Iphone

The Twelve South HiRise Charge Dock is a well-crafted accessory for Apple Watch and iPhone. Its innovative design enables simultaneous charging for both devices, contributing to a clutter-free nightstand or workspace.

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With a compact footprint of 3.75 inches square, the HiRise Charge Dock from Twelve South cleverly stacks your devices for effective space utilization. The Apple Watch is docked at the bottom, while the iPhone or iPad charges atop.

The device also comes with an optional base attachment for extra support, especially useful for larger iPhone models. The height of the Lightning connector can be adjusted to accommodate various case sizes, ensuring ease of use and compatibility.

One unique feature of the HiRise Charge Dock is its ability to allow the Apple Watch to display in Nightstand mode, providing a handy digital clock view. Furthermore, the dock base is layered with a leather surface to prevent potential scratches from metal contact.

At a slightly lower price point than some competitors, the HiRise Charge Dock combines style, practicality, and affordability, making it a worthy consideration for Apple users looking for a unified charging solution.

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