How To Check YES Sim Card Balance
How To Check YES Sim Card Balance? Read The Information Here!

How To Check YES Sim Card Balance

How to check YES sim card balance? Checking the balance of your Yes SIM card in Malaysia can be done through several methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience for both prepaid and postpaid users.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview, leveraging expertise from recognized sources to ensure reliability and trustworthiness in the information provided.

Through SMS

For a quick balance check without internet access, Yes SIM users can simply send an SMS. Compose a message with the text “BAL” followed by your phone number and send it to 0183301111. You’ll receive an SMS with your account and rebate balance information. However, this method does not provide data balance details, for which the MyYes mobile application is recommended​​.

Using the MyYes Mobile Application

The MyYes app, available for both Android and iOS devices, is the preferred method for checking various balances, including main account, rebate, and data balances. After installing the app, users can log in using their Yes mobile number or Yes ID and navigate through the user-friendly interface to view their balance details. The app also offers functionalities such as online reload services and package purchases​​.

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Online Through Self-Care Portal

Yes 4G provides a self-care portal for both prepaid and postpaid users, enabling them to check their balances online. By visiting the portal and logging in with your credentials, users can view their remaining credit balance (prepaid users) or bill amount (postpaid users) on the portal’s main page​​.

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Using USSD Codes

Prepaid users have the option to check their balance using USSD codes. Dial *126# to check the main account balance or *200# to check both the main account balance and internet balance. These steps are straightforward, involving the phone’s calling app and following the displayed instructions​​.

IVR System

Another method available is through the IVR system. By dialing 126, users can navigate through the IVR options to find out their account, message, and data balances. This method is beneficial for those who prefer audio instructions and can be used to check various types of balances​​.

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Checking Postpaid Balance

It’s important to note that postpaid users cannot directly check their balance through SMS. Instead, they receive notifications when their bill is ready, and detailed bills can be accessed through the My Account section on the YES 4G website​​.

This guide has been crafted with information from reputable sources including Hybrid Sim,,, and, ensuring that the content is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. These sources are well-regarded within the telecommunications industry, providing expertise and authoritative advice on managing Yes SIM card services in Malaysia.

By utilizing these varied methods, Yes SIM card users in Malaysia can efficiently manage their accounts, staying informed of their balances and ensuring uninterrupted service. Whether through SMS, the MyYes app, online portals, USSD codes, or IVR, Yes offers multiple convenient ways to keep track of your account, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and technological innovation.

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