How To Share Topup Celcom
How To Share Topup Celcom?

How To Share Topup Celcom?

How to share topup Celcom? Sharing top-up credit with Celcom involves a convenient and user-friendly process, designed to help users support friends and family members within the same network.

This service, known as Credit Share, exemplifies Celcom’s commitment to offering practical solutions to its customers, reinforcing the company’s reputation for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in the telecommunications sector.

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Overview of Celcom Credit Share

Celcom’s Credit Share service allows prepaid customers to transfer credit to or request credit from other Celcom users. This service is particularly useful in situations where a user might run out of credit and needs an immediate top-up to continue using Celcom’s services. The service can be accessed via SMS, USSD, the Celcom Life App, or WhatsApp, offering flexibility and convenience to users​​.

Steps to Share Credit

  • Via SMS: The process begins by composing an SMS with the format RM followed by the amount you wish to transfer, and sending this to a designated number along with the recipient’s mobile number. A confirmation SMS will confirm the transaction​​​​.
  • Via USSD: Alternatively, users can dial a specific USSD code, select the option to transfer credit, enter the recipient’s number and the amount, and follow the prompts to confirm the transaction. This method also concludes with a confirmation SMS​​.
  • Via Celcom Life App: The app provides a straightforward interface where users can select the reload option, enter the recipient’s number and the amount, choose a payment method, and complete the transfer with a confirmation SMS​​.
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Service Charges and Limits

A nominal service charge applies to both transferring and requesting credit, underscoring the cost of convenience. Specifically, a RM0.50 fee is charged for successful transfers, while a RM0.20 fee is applied to successful credit requests. Users can transfer or request up to RM25 per transaction, aligning with Celcom’s policy to maintain fair usage across its network​​.

Transfer Expirations

An interesting aspect of Celcom’s Credit Share service is the expiration policy for transferred credits. Transfers of RM2 and below expire in one day, while amounts between RM3 and RM25 have a three-day expiration period. This policy ensures that credits are used promptly and supports the dynamic nature of prepaid services​​.

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Celcom’s introduction of the Credit Share service reflects its understanding of customer needs and its commitment to providing value-added services. By facilitating easy credit transfers among users, Celcom demonstrates its expertise in telecommunications, enhancing its authoritativeness and trustworthiness in the industry. This service not only exemplifies Celcom’s innovative approach to customer satisfaction but also reinforces the trust customers place in the company to meet their communication needs effectively.

In conclusion, Celcom’s Credit Share service is a testament to the company’s dedication to offering convenient, flexible, and user-friendly solutions. Whether through SMS, USSD, the Celcom Life App, or WhatsApp, Celcom ensures that its customers can share the gift of connectivity with ease, making it a trusted and reliable provider in Malaysia’s competitive telecommunications landscape. (Gadget)