How To Share Credit Celcom Via SMS
How To Share Credit Celcom Via SMS?

How To Share Credit Celcom Via SMS – How to share credit Celcom via sms? Sharing credit with family and friends on the Celcom network is a convenient feature for Celcom Prepaid customers, allowing for the seamless transfer or request of mobile credit.

This guide provides insights on the process, underpinned by the experience and expertise of Celcom, one of Malaysia’s leading telecommunications providers, renowned for its authoritative and trustworthy services.

What is Credit Share?

Credit Share is a Value Added Service provided by Celcom that enables Prepaid customers to transfer their credit to or request credit from other Celcom users. This service offers flexibility and convenience, allowing transactions to be made anytime through SMS, USSD, the Celcom Life App, or WhatsApp​​.

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How to Share Credit via SMS

  1. Initiating a Transfer: To share credit via SMS, type the message in the format RM <Amount> and send it to 1<Recipient’s Mobile Number>. For example, to transfer RM10, you would type RM10 and send it to 1xxxxxxxxxx.
  2. Confirmation: After sending the transfer request, you will receive a confirmation SMS indicating that the transfer has been successful.

Please note that a small service charge applies for each successful transaction: RM0.50 for transfers and RM0.20 for credit requests. Additionally, you can transfer or request up to RM25 in a single transaction​​.

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Requirements and Limitations

  • Eligibility: This service is exclusive to Celcom Prepaid customers, emphasizing the need to ensure both the sender and recipient are within the Celcom network to facilitate the credit share.
  • Service Charges: Each successful credit transfer incurs a nominal service charge, highlighting the cost-effective aspect of the service while ensuring the sustainability of the offering.
  • Transaction Limits: Users can transfer or request up to RM25 per transaction, catering to most immediate mobile credit needs without promoting excessive sharing that could affect the network’s economic balance​​​​.
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Why Trust Celcom’s Credit Share Service?

Celcom has established itself as a leader in the Malaysian telecommunications sector, demonstrating extensive experience in providing innovative and customer-centric solutions. The expertise Celcom brings to its services, including the Credit Share feature, is based on a deep understanding of customer needs and the evolving digital landscape. Furthermore, Celcom’s commitment to maintaining high security and privacy standards ensures that transactions are not only convenient but also safe, reinforcing the trust customers place in their services​​.

In conclusion, Celcom’s Credit Share service exemplifies the company’s focus on offering value-added features that enhance the user experience. By adhering to principles of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, Celcom continues to pave the way for innovative telecommunications solutions in Malaysia. Whether you’re splitting bills, sharing credits during emergencies, or simply managing your mobile budget more effectively, Celcom’s Credit Share service is a testament to the provider’s dedication to meeting its customers’ needs in a reliable, efficient, and secure manner. (Gadget)