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4 Easy Tricks to Get Free Money Now Online with Your Smartphone

Instead of using your smartphone only for playing games, you can optimize it to help you to get free money now online. As long as you have a good internet connection, you don’t even need to leave your house to get the money. This page will show you some easy but useful tips to help you find other sources of income online.

4 Easy Tricks to Get Free Money Now Online Using Your Smartphone

1. Get Paid for Your Opinion

Do you know that you can even get some money simply by saying your opinion online? It can be a great solution to take if you get an “I need money today for free” moment. Some websites provide surveys to help government, public bodies, and businesses to give the best products and services to their customers. All you need to do is just participate in these paid-online surveys. Sometimes, the websites will also ask you to watch ads for rewards and test products. You can be sure that the money given is for free and can be in the form of cash or Amazon gifts.

2. Scanning Shopping Receipts to Get Money

You can also get free money now online by providing scanning of your shopping receipts through certain applications. Interestingly, there will be no ads, surveys, couponing, and scanning barcodes needed for that. Make sure that you scan your receipts every time you finish shopping to get rewards. They are usually given in the form of e-gift cards that you can use in many online and in-stores like Kohl’s, Amazon, Sephora, Target, and more. Most of the apps will allow you to scan 14 receipts max in a 7-day period. Meanwhile, the reward added to your account can be as little as $3.

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3. Free Easy Money

If you love playing online games, make sure that you turn your hobby into another source of income. This is possible to happen since there are a lot of sites that will pay you some cash to play games. So, just do some researchers to find out which online games that will pay you real cash.

4. Signing Up to Earn Free Money

This is, perhaps, the easiest way you can do to get free money now online. All you need to do is just sign up for some site and get your money from them. These apps will pay you a few dollars as a reward for signing up. One of the nicest things is that you can even get more free money simply by participating in daily tasks that you have to complete.

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