make instant money online absolutely free
make instant money online absolutely free

How to Make Instant Money Online by Playing Games

Make instant money online absolutely free is easy. Thanks to the development of technology and the internet, there are a bunch of activities that are now easier to do, including making money. Nowadays, you can earn money by just playing games. So that you can make money while having fun. Do not be worried about getting scammed because some games are indeed monetized. So, what games can help you earn PayPal money instantly?

Lucky Money

Lucky Money is a great app for you who want to kill free time by playing games and at the same time earn extra cash. You do not need to have certain skills to play this game. You just need to rub pictures available on the main page of the app and immediately earn points. However, the developer of this app only provides 60 chances to rub pictures. So that the opportunities to make money are limited.

Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem them for either PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. You need at least $100 for payout via PayPal and 50.000.000 points for Amazon gift cards.

Merge Boat

Merge Boat is the next game you can play to make instant money online absolutely free. Merge Boat is a quite unique money-making game. You just have to merge boats and see them spinning on the water. This game uses the diamond system. This means it will give you ‘diamonds’ as the rewards that you can redeem for PayPal money. So, how to get diamonds in this game? You need to finish daily missions, such as merging 10 boats into the water, watching ads, inviting friends, and other activities.

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Once you have collected at least 262.500 diamonds, you can redeem it for $5 PayPal cash. If you do not prefer PayPal cash, you can redeem your diamonds for Amazon gift cards, iTunes vouchers, Google Play vouchers, PlayStation vouchers, and Xbox vouchers.

Lucky Time

More than 10 million Android users have downloaded this game on Play Store. Lucky Time offers various fun games that you can play to earn easy money. For instance, rubbing cards, playing spin the wheel, and breaking eggs. You will get rewards in the form of coins. Collecting coins can be challenging because you need at least 50.000.000 coins to be able to redeem them for PayPal money. However, this game is fun to make instant money online absolutely free.