positive affirmations for financial abundance
positive affirmations for financial abundance

4 Tricks to Prepare Powerful Positive Affirmations for Financial Abundance

You may know that the more powerful a financial affirmation, the more effective the affirmation. That’s why you should know how to write powerful positive affirmations for financial abundance. Indeed, you don’t have to write complicated positive money affirmations. The following steps will guide you to write effective affirmations for financial abundance.

Choose Your Negative Thought and Write Down the Positive Version

Writing down the positive version of your negative thought about money is one of the effective tricks to get a powerful financial abundance affirmation. Instead of thinking about why you love to buy something useless, try to write I manage my money wisely.

Then, say to yourself loudly every day. It is more powerful because you are attacking the crucial problem. Do it regularly and you will see a positive impact of this affirmation.

Make the Affirmation Short and Easy to Remember

It is better not to write long positive affirmations for financial abundance. The shorter the affirmation, the better because it is easy to remember. You can also repeat a short financial affirmation more than a long one.

An affirmation that contains four or five words is great and powerful. For example, I am a money magnet or I attract good fortune are two simple financial affirmations, yet they are powerful enough to open your mind. As a result, your brain will ask to find ways to achieve your financial goals.

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Start the Affirmation with “I” or “My”

Begin the affirmation with “I” or “My”. It is because you are about to convince yourself about something. This method will also make the sentence clearer and easy to understand. The easier to understand the affirmation, the faster the effect.

It means that your brain can process the message well. For example, you can say I am a money magnet instead of the cash will come to me.

Write the Affirmation in the Present Tense

Affirmation is not an expectation in the future. It is a method to reprogram your brain to block negative thoughts into a new thought. That’s why you should write the affirmation in the present tense. Write as though you are experiencing what you desire right now.

For example, I let myself prosper and grow is better than I will let myself prosper and grow. It is better not to put a time frame while writing positive affirmations for financial abundance, such as within two weeks, four months, and others. It is only blocking your mind and preventing the affirmation from happening.