what small business to start
what small business to start

What Small Business to Start? 4 Business Ideas to Start at Home for Stay-at-Home Moms

Thinking about what small business to start as a stay-at-home mother? Well, there are plenty of business ideas that you can do at home while doing chores and watching your children play around the house. Many of them even only require a small budget. This page will show you some business ideas for a stay-at-home mom to earn additional income.

What Small Business to Start


Blogging is very popular recently. It is estimated that more than 4.4 million blogs are published daily. This number is believed to keep growing since more amateur bloggers show up. All you need to start this job is a laptop and a good internet connection at home.

Before starting your own blog, make sure that you pick up what niche you are going to cover. It should be something that you know well. Some popular areas that people choose for their blogs are beauty, finance, lifestyle, and more. You can even write about your favorite recipes and parenting tips on your blogs. Make sure that you blog things that you like and you have expertise in it since this is how small business starts well.

Affiliate Marketer

What small business to start next? Well, you can try to be an affiliate marketer. It can be a great alternative to take if you don’t have your own products to sell. In this business, you can sell someone else’s products and get fees from that. It allows you to take a cut each time the company that you are affiliating to can sell products based on customers that you recommend through marketing activities.

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Freelancers are also getting popular right now. This job will allow you to work on a project or hourly basis. Here, you need to provide your services, both expertise and time to other businesses and get fees as an exchange. Most of the time, freelance jobs can be done at home. However, keep in mind that it needs special skills to be a freelancer. Some of the most popular areas in freelance jobs are graphic design, business development, virtual assistance, copywriting, web development, and software development.

Become a Vlogger

With millions of people accessing YouTube every day, this social media platform can be a potential source of income. Yap, you become a vlogger and upload your videos to your Youtube channel. It is often chosen by people who wonder about what small business to start at home. Create videos based on popular niches like fashion, health, beauty, or lifestyle, and YouTube will pay you about $1.750 on average per 1 million views.