$10 000 grants for small business
$10 000 grants for small business - Source: S K from Pixabay Free License

Different Types of $10.000 Grants for Small Business You Will be Able to Apply

A lot of organizations out there can give up to $10.000 grants for small business. However, what different types of grants are there? Of course, knowing the many different types of grants will help you improve your eligibility, which is why we are going to tell you everything you need to know right now. Here are the many different types of grants for small business owners you can find out there.

Private Small Business Grants

Private small business grants include grants that are funded by private organizations instead of the government. You will also be able to find many different types of private small business grants, including those that are specific for women or minorities. Here are a couple of examples of this type of grant.

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. FedEx has been giving grants to businesses since 2013. This $25,000 grant is given to one winner every year. All you need to do is videotape your business’s story.

National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants. Grants offered by NASE are perfect for business owners who want to improve their business. With the $4,000 grant this organization can offer, you will be able to purchase new equipment, create promotional material, and even hire some help.

Federal Small Business Grants

You will also be able to apply for $10,000 grants for small business that can support your local shop. Here are a couple of grants you will be able to apply for.

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Small Business Innovation Research Program. This grant is perfect for those who focus on innovations in their business. Technology plays an important part in your eligibility for this grant. A couple of focus areas of this grant include clean and safe water, land revitalization, advancement of healthcare, green construction, and more.

Small Business Technology Transfer Program.

This is also one of the best grants for small business start up that you can apply for. However, you will only have high chance of approval if your business contributes to the development of existing technology.

Department of Defense Grants. This grant provides funds for small businesses through a couple of initiatives. These initiatives include the STTR program and the Defense Enterprise Science Initiative. This grant is most suitable for those who run R&D companies, which might be something you are working with right now.

So, now that you know the different types of grants, you should think about applying for them. Just make sure you choose the right $10.000 grants for small business that are most suitable for your business.