grants for small business start up
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Ways to Obtain Grants for Small Business Start-Up

Do you need grants for small business start up? There are some ways that you can earn funding for your business. For example, investors, business grants, and business loans. Each financial support requires different ways to be able to successfully obtain the funding. So, you must be sure of the idea, concept, and strategy of the business you are going to run. It will be better if you already run the business. This way, the financial authorities can review your business’ performance.

Grants for Small Business Start Up, This Is The Way!

Below are some tips that you can follow to successfully earn small business startup funding based on the type of the funding.


If you want to win the hearts of investors, the thing you need to pay attention to is their characters and attitude. You need to know that not all investors really pay attention to the business you are running. Investors, especially foreign investors, will be more detailed in considering and reviewing your business. Does your image have a good image and reputation? What about the culture you apply in your business? How will you make profits in the future?

As a business owner, are you sure you can optimally grow your business? How can you be sure I will not waste my money by investing in your business? These are probably what they have in mind. Therefore, if you want to obtain grants from business investors, you should improve the appearance, performance, and work culture of your business so that you can leave positive impressions on the investors.

As a business owner, you should be able to confidently convince the investors. If you indeed have goals or dreams to reach with your business, make sure it makes sense as well as your business’ visions and missions. Investors do not want to spend their money for nothing. They also want profits. They will not focus on ins and outs of your business unless it is necessary. Investors will care more about how much profits they will get once they have given their fresh funds to a business.

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Business Competitions

You can also get grants for small business for minority from business competitions. Nowadays, there are a lot of business competitions that offer $10,000 grants for small business as a prize for business funding. Joining international business competitions will give you a bunch of benefits because you will learn so many things from it. So, there is nothing wrong with joining a business competition, in which you will compete with other entrepreneurs across the globe.

When you look for fresh funds for your business funding, it is important for you to understand well the rules and requirements of the business competition you will join. You can start by bringing your business proposal. Because usually, participants of business competitions will begin by making a profile or proposal showing a brief overview of the business you are running.

Applying for Foreign Loans

The next way to obtain grants for small business women is by applying for foreign loans. There are quite many who think that businesses are the most profitable investment compared to other types of investment. But in order to grow a business, funding is obviously needed. And applying for a foreign loan can be one of the ways to obtain funding. It can even be said that a business loan is the quickest way to get a fresh fund for your business.

But you have to know that a business loan may have high interests. So, carefully consider this risk. If the interest keeps rising, you might find it hard to pay off the business loan. Think carefully before you decide to apply for a business loan to earn grants for small business start up. Moreover, do not forget to understand well about how small business loans work.


It can be said that grants are the most used funding source to obtain grants from government for small business. You can get grants from the government or private companies. But this will not be easy because you will compete with other business owners to win the grants. But it does not mean it is impossible. Find as much information as possible about business grants. And make sure your business stands out among other small businesses.

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Do searching on the internet as frequently as possible to find out what business grants are available right now. It is because grantors or donors will announce it on their official websites, instead of on newspapers or other media. Moreover, they offer grants within a limited time. For example, they only provide business grants only for October 2021. Each business grant is a different program with different donors and different goals, as well as different requirements.

So, make sure you understand the rules and requirements first before you submit your business proposal to win the business grant. This year, for example, there is a business grant program called MOWCAP – ACC2021. MOWCAP – ACC Grants Programme is a business grant program initiated by the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) and Asia Culture Centre (ACC).

This program provides support for the efforts of institutions and organizations in preserving, collecting, as well as providing access to documentary heritage in the Asia-Pacific region. The goal of this program is to encourage the development of collaborative programs and partnerships in the fields of digitization, preservation, publications, and exhibitions. It also aims to develop resources and skills as well. MOWCAP – ACC offers US$5,000 grants in total.
The grants are managed in the office of MOWCAP location in Gwangju, South Korea. You can go to their official website to find out more.

Those are the financial sources where you can get grants to fund your small business. Do not be discouraged if you can only run a small business. In fact, small businesses really help the economy. It is reported that more than 28 million small businesses help the US’s economy. So, are you ready to obtain grants for small business start up and grow your business?

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