what kind of a small business can i start
what kind of a small business can i start - source: Steve Buissinne dari Pixabay Free License

5 Small Profitable Online Business Ideas that You Can Start at Home

Have you ever wondered: What kind of small business can I start? Having a profitable business that you can do while at home is like a dream come true for most people. Not only having to spend time at home, you can also be productive by doing most of your work and maintaining your work at home. Read this article and see how small business start.

What Kind of a Small Business Can I Start?

There are so many online small businesses that you can start at home, some of which are:


Are you able to speak with two or multiple languages? Starting a localization service might be a good idea. With certain software and dictionaries, you can work on some translation projects while you’re sitting on your living room couch.


Some companies might require different articles to be published. It is often that some companies outsource their talents in order to get a cheaper expense. Take this chance and be a freelance writer. If you’re skilled enough, you can produce up to 10 articles per day, which can be quite profitable.

Content Creator

Are having a great passion for creating content and sharing them on different platforms? If so, then content creators can be a great business opportunity for you. Using different platforms, you can create profit easily by means of ads if you grow your channel large enough.


People who had a strong passion for editing might consider this business a great opportunity. You can use your media editing skill in order to satisfy client’s needs for amazing video/ audio content. The most amazing thing is that you can choose which job you would like to take.

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Illustrator has recently become a profitable small business that you can do at home, especially with the presence of different marketplace and social media platforms in which you can promote your business.

We hope that those recommendations could answer your question of what kind of a small business can I start. The most important thing to do when you start an online business at home is to be consistent. Consistency on finding clients and to promote your business in different platforms is the key to make your small business grow. Don’t be afraid to start using everything that you have right now. Not all businesses require a top-notch device and hardware. Your will to work consistently is what is important.