How to start small business california
How to start small business california - Source: Pixabay Free License

How to Start Small Business California Step by Step

How to start small business california might be a big question you have that can be a solution during the pandemic. People have to face various kinds of difficulties because of the current circumstance. Yet, it does not mean that they lose hope completely. Starting a small business can be your hope but you need to follow these steps to start your small business in California.

Select a Business Structure

First things first, how to start a small business cannot be separated from the business structure choice. Nevertheless, to reach that level, you need to make research and plan for your business based on your personal goals. You might also need to get assistance for their business. fortunately, you can find many business resources for getting help. You will also need to hire an attorney before finally can choose the structure for your business.

Create a Business Plan

Now, it is time to create a plan for your business that must include everything necessary to run your business from the financial to production. How to start small business California will be meaningless if you cannot finance your small business. You also have to look for your business location. Choosing a name for your business will also be crucial since it can be part of your business branding.

Do not forget about intellectual property protection especially for your brand and logo. You will also need to appoint a registered agent in California in case you are sued. Last but not least, you also have to draft business operating agreements.

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Register Your Business

Business registration is very important to run a small business in California. There will be some documents that must be filed to the Secretary of State according to the chosen business structure. You can find them further on their website.

How to start small business California needs you to file the necessary documents by mailing or drop the files off in person with the Secretary of State. You need to pay the fee and you can register the fictitious business name.

Complete Additional Requirements

Some additional requirements must be completed as well. Your small business will need an employee identification number for tax purposes. With your EIN, you can register for state taxes. You might also need to get permits and licenses to do your business according to your country’s or cities regulations. How to start small business California will be completed with the importance of filing periodic reports regarding your business with the Secretary of State.