small business start up loans bad credit
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4 Options of Small Business Start Up Loans Bad Credit

Are you looking for a small business start up loans bad credit? This must be a difficult journey especially when you try to apply for a bank loan. The traditional loan method will give a very small chance to get the loan you need to start your small business if you have a bad credit score. It does not mean that you do not have any other option, after all. You can try these o collateral loan options.

Online Business Loans

Traditional banks have very strict requirements for loan applications. You might not have any chance to find the small business start up loans bad credit from the traditional banks. However, you might have a better chance with online business lenders. You have so many options available. You can even look for a loan for a specific group. You might be able to get fast approval and funding, but you must show the lenders that you can really repay your loan.

Credit Cards for Small Business

Eary costs for starting a small business might be pretty big. That is why you need to get the loan but with your bad credit score, your opportunity might be small. In this circumstance, you can consider using a small business credit card. You can use this opportunity if you have a good personal credit score. Your bad business credit score will not be considered at all.


Financing your small business does not have to be from the traditional banks. You have too many options to finance your loan including by finding grants for small business start up. However, you can also utilize crowdfunding platforms that offer you unique financing forms. You just need to create a campaign to gather people’s interest in your business so they will provide you financial backing. The financial backing can be in loans, rewards, donations, or equity forms.

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This method can be a great way to raise capital to start your small business and test your business market at the same time. Nevertheless, the marketing process will be super intensive. Your funding goals might not be able to be reached as well.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

You can also try a peer-to-peer lending service. The platform will help potential borrowers to meet their potential investors. The requirements to be eligible for the support might be different for different platforms. Nevertheless, you can find some platforms with a minimum requirement of credit score that must be perfect for your small business start up loans bad credit.