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4 Methods to Find Your Unclaimed Money

Some people often experience serious financial problems without knowing that they have the additional fund for solving that problem. This kind of fund is known as unclaimed money. Therefore, understanding this matter could bring you many benefits, including a way to get the extra money that you need. Here, we are going to learn more about this matter through unclaimed money. Let’s start!

What is Unclaimed Money?

Before you go through the federal government unclaimed money list and find the money that you may have but unclaimed, let find more about what unclaimed money is. As its name implied, it is the amount of money (or other assets, like property), who’s its owner location can’t be found. After a certain period, this unclaimed money will be turned over to the government. Therefore, before you lose it, we suggest you find and claim it because this money is yours.

How to Find It?

Now, let’s move to the most important question. How to find unclaimed money from the government? Or, to more précised, maybe this question is more suitable with our topic. How to claim unclaimed money from the government?

First of all, the government doesn’t have a specific website that has a tool or service that you can use to find your unclaimed money. The unclaimed money that we mentioned above only provides general information about unclaimed money. You can learn more about it there. So, how to look up unclaimed money by ourselves?

1. The Unclaimed Money in Your State

You can search the unclaimed money that your states owned to you. Mostly, the unclaimed money in your state is kept in the bank account or as insurance policies. Therefore, you should focus and learn more about how to get it from that source to find your unclaimed money.

The easy steps of how to get unclaimed money from the government, in this case, is you can start by using the state’s unclaimed property website. It is It has a multi-state database for unclaimed money.

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Use the search function on that website. To find your unclaimed money, you only need to search by using your name. That website will find it for you and give you the list of the unclaimed money that you may have. Then, verify the method to claim that money.

Important to remember here, every state has different rules and laws regarding unclaimed money. Therefore, you should follow the rule and fulfill the requirement in the state where your unclaimed money is located to get it.

2. The Unclaimed Money from Your Employers

You also may have unclaimed money from your previous job. Your employer may have filed the bonus or such, but you don’t know that you receive it. Thus, the bonus or this money still exists somewhere and is ready to claim by its owner, which is you. So, how do i look up unclaimed money from this source?

You can use two methods for this one. The first method is using the Department of Labor (DOL) database. Use it to find your name and the possibility of unpaid wages from your previous job. DOL database holds the data up to three years old. The other method is using the pension database. You can use it to find your unclaimed money from the company that runs out of its business or provides the pension plan.

3. Search from the Insurance

Insurance is also a good source to find your unclaimed money. To do this, you can use two us gov unclaimed money search methods. The first method is using the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) database. There is the possibility that they owe money to you or your family member.

The other method is using the FHA-Insurance Refunds program. You can only use it if you have an FHA-insured mortgage. Use the HUD database to find your unclaimed money. Enter your FHA case number and it will give you the result that you need.

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4. Tax Refunds

A tax refund is also another good source to find your unclaimed money. So, how do i find unclaimed money from the government tax refunds? It is quite easy. You only need to visit the IRS website. On their website, you can find the “Where’s My Refund” feature.

Use that feature to find the missing income tax refund that you may have. Use your social security number to get the information. You may have to provide the amount of money that the government may owe you if you know the amount. That will make everything easier. Once you find what you need, they will provide the guide to claim that money.

What about the refund check? How do i find unclaimed federal money in this form? Yes, there are some cases where your tax refund is delivered in the form of a check. However, it becomes unclaimed money because it uses your old address. It happens a lot when the recipient of that check moves from their old living place without notifying the IRS or U.S. Postal Service (USPS). So, the government uses your old address to send your refund money.

The process of how to find unclaimed federal money, in this case, is similar to the first one. You can use the IRS website with its “Where’s My Refund” feature to find your check. Or, you also can call the IRS directly and ask for help from their team.

After you get the check, you also should inform your new address to the IRS. Use the Change of Address – Form 8822 and submit it to IRS and USPS. You have to do it at both institutions to avoid a similar problem in the future.

Unclaimed money could be your best solution for various problems that you have. And, we have provided the method to find and claim it. Use and follow them to get the money and your rights. You also can find more methods about that on unclaimed money page. (pc)