How do I Find Unclaimed Money from the Government
How do I Find Unclaimed Money from the Government - Image by Bru-nO from Pixabay Free Lincense

How Do I Find Unclaimed Money from the Government Online ?

How do i find unclaimed money from the government easily? Can you do it online? Here are some websites to visit not only to find unclaimed money from the government but also other possible sources.

HUD Refund Database

You might be eligible for a HUD refund. In this circumstance, you need to check its website to find out. You can search by entering your last name or FHA case number.

IRS Filing for Individuals

how do i find unclaimed money from the government can also be found by checking the IRS Filing for Individuals on the IRS website. This is the place where you can get the needed forms for filing the overdue tax return.

PBGC Unclaimed Plans Search

Since the website is managed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, you can search on the website to find unclaimed pension money from the company that is not running any longer or has ended the pension plan.

WHD “WOW Search”

The next answer on how do i find unclaimed money from the government is to check the WHD website. You only need to enter your employer’s name. You can click “WOW Search” to find out whether your employer owes you back pay or not.

VA Unclaimed Funds Search

If you are a veteran, do not forget to check the website of Veterans Affairs because there might be unclaimed funds from some kinds of VA life insurance policies.

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SEC Information for Harmed Investors

The unclaimed money is not only about unclaimed money. If you have been involved with some companies in the past, you can consider looking for the company that owes money to the investors from the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

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FDIC Unclaimed Funds

You can also check the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation website to find whether you have unclaimed insured deposits from various firms including the banks. With the same site, you can print out the form that can be used for claiming the deposits when your name is on the list. can be tried especially when you are looking for unclaimed money in the states that are not covered by Through this website, you will get information about the way to contact your state when looking for unclaimed funds.

This website becomes the database of unclaimed property records. This website not only gives answers on how do i find unclaimed money from the government in seven states of the US but also one province in Canada. The information varies from bank accounts to utility deposits. (pc)

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