US Gov Unclaimed Money Search
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US Gov Unclaimed Money Search and Other Types of Unclaimed Funds

us gov unclaimed money search will not be that complicated if you know what options you have. These can be your unclaimed money sources to check.

FHA Mortgages

Have you ever had an FHA mortgage loan? If you have, you might have a refund from the US Department of HUD. It can be the beginning of your journey on unclaimed money search. The refund can include a part of the premium you paid for the mortgage insurance. It can also include a portion of the excess earnings from the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. Both can be included in the refund, after all.

Tax Refunds

You can also look for unclaimed money from the tax refunds. The IRS has millions of dollars each year for unclaimed tax refunds. The tax refund becomes unclaimed because people cannot file the tax returns. You can still file and get your refund if it is still within the past three years.

Pension Plans

You must not forget about the unclaimed money from pension plans besides us gov unclaimed money search. The benefits from the pension clams often remain unclaimed because the company is out of business. This circumstance can also occur when the company ends the plan. The money is not disappeared because it is held by the government. If you are the rightful owner of the money, the government will restore it.

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Unpaid Wages

Because of various reasons, people’s wages might not be paid. It can be as simple as the lost paycheck. But it can also be a problem with the employer. When you change your job, the previous employer might just mail the final paycheck and it can get lost during delivery.

Security Deposits

If you have ever collected the security deposit when moving out from your old flat, you might have money to claim. The same thing goes when you do not pay the initial deposit on the utility account. It can be another unclaimed money source to consider besides the unclaimed money.

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Insurance Policies

Possibly, you have money from the insurance payout but you never collect it. You might also have money from the life insurance policy benefits. You just need to check everything possible to find the unclaimed money.

Bank and Investment Accounts

If you have an old investment or bank account that is not used for a long time but you never closed it, it can be a good source of us gov unclaimed money search. It is still your money even if the company is already out of business. (pc)

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