How do I Look Up Unclaimed Money
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How do I Look Up Unclaimed Money?

Have you ever asked, “how do I look up unclaimed money?” It is believed that around 10% of the Americans actually own the unclaimed property or funds held by the government. Here is how you can look up for and claim unclaimed money.

What is unclaimed money?

The unclaimed money page defines unclaimed money as money that a firm, government organization, or other body owes you but you haven’t claimed. This can happen when such institutions or people can’t locate you, so they give your money to state bodies that manage unclaimed money and property.

Unclaimed funds can have a variety of sources. This can include unpaid wages and pension, bank accounts that you’ve forgotten, IRS tax refunds, and even unclaimed Credit Union deposits. Below, you’ll find how to look for various sources of unclaimed money under your name in different government organizations.

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How do I look up unclaimed money?

The government databases should be your starting point. There is, a free site where you can look for your name in your state’s unclaimed money and property database. Those who have lived in several states could search for their names in more than one state at once at Both these sites are available for free.

Next, check the Department of Labor (DOL)’s database. If your employer violated labor regulations and has outstanding payments to you within the last three years, the DOL may be able to recover it. Your name may be in the database of workers whose employees owe wages to them. As for unclaimed pensions, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is your go-to organization.

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Alternatively, you may also be a bankruptcy creditor. In other words, a bankrupt person or business owes you money. Sometimes, courts don’t distribute money to the creditors. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the United States Courts Unclaimed Funds Locator will help you with that. On the other hand, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may hold your unclaimed tax refunds.

How to claim the unclaimed money from the government

The regulations for claiming this money differ among states. However, they’d typically ask for proof of identification like passport or driver’s license. Then, they’d request for printed evidence that the money is yours. You may be asked to show your proof of wage and employment or your Social Security Number. And that concludes the answer to “how do I look up unclaimed money?” (pc)

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