Top Business Schools in Florida
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10 Top Business Schools in Florida

What is the best business school in florida? Florida is not only known for its beauty and tourism spot. However, this area also is the home of the best school of business you can find in this country. So, it is not wrong, if you ask that question before you decide to apply for any business school. As we all know, the TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN FLORIDA means you have a guarantee to get a better career path in the future.

For that reason, we have already collected the information about several business schools in this area that we consider as the best you can choose. Which business schools are worth it in florida? What are business schools that are easy to get into in florida? We hope, this information will answer all of those questions. So, here are the top 10 business schools in florida.

1. University of Florida – Heavener School of Business

This school is located in Gainesville, Florida. It has a high graduation rate of 87%. The program available in this school is many, such as finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Best of all, those programs are continuously entering the top 10 of U.S. News and World Reports annual reviews.

Entering this school will give you a guarantee of a job because it has a good reputation. As long as you can graduate smoothly from this school, your future will be brighter. Moreover, this school also provides an online curriculum with a half-tuition rate for the in-person session.

2. University of Miami – Miami Herbert Business School

Next, we have the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. As one of the top ranked business schools in florida, this school had an 81% graduation rate and a 33% of acceptance rate. Therefore, it will be challenging to get accepted to this business school. However, you won’t be disappointed once you enter this school.

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It has 14 majors and three degrees in business you can choose from. You also have more flexibility to plan your course. The curriculum also provides a course where you can learn more about how to use technology that matches the market demand.

3. Florida State University – College of Business

Next, we have a business school in Tallahassee, Florida. With a graduation rate of 80%, this school is a good choice for you who want to learn the program that you can’t find in other business schools. Those programs are retail management and professional sales. It also has an online program, if you cannot attend its course. Moreover, you also have a chance to try to manage a $5 million investment fund as part of your study.

4. Everglades University – Business Program

If you live or move to Boca Raton, Florida, you also can attend this business school. It has various degrees in general business. One of the best things you can get here is you can finish your study in just 41 months. That means you can start your business career faster. This school also has an online program for you who are unable to attend the class in its location. It doesn’t require SAT to apply, plus with a 69% acceptance rate, there is a high chance you can enter this school.

5. University of Central Florida – College of Business

Another TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN FLORIDA you also can try is the University of Central Florida. This school has all undergraduate business majors, such as management, marketing, or finance, and accounting. You also can find the certification programs in cybersecurity and financial technology that modern businesses need today. It is one of the best business schools without mba in florida.

6. Rollins College – College of Business

This school is one of the top business schools in florida for mba that gives you the chance to start an international business career. You can work in many countries after graduating from this school, particularly in Germany. You can get your degree with 5 years of study length.

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7. Florida International University – College of Business

Now, if you are looking for the top undergraduate business schools in florida that is specialized in the real estate business. This school has top-quality real estate research with many scholarships that you can get every year.

8. University of North Florida – Coggin College of Business

As one of the top schools in florida for business, this school has various interesting programs you can try. You can get BBA degrees from this school in accounting, economics, business management, finance, international business, financial planning, transportation, and logistics, also marketing.

Furthermore, this school also has a partnership with other universities from other countries. Those schools are Hochschule Bremen (Germany), Universidad de Valencia (Spain), and KEDGE Business School (France), where you can get a double degree program.

9. University of Tampa – Sykes College of Business

You can feel more private when you study in this business school. They keep a low number of students for each class, so you can concentrate more. Moreover, it has one of the best facilities and faculty that will support your study. Once you graduate from this school, you will have opportunities to enter various industries.

As for the degrees, there are several undergraduates available at this business school. You can get a degree in marketing, accounting, cybersecurity, business information technology, leadership studies, and many more.

10. Stetson University – College of Business Administration

The last school in our list of top graduate business schools in florida is Stetson University. You can get various FLEX major composing courses and subjects that you like here. this program will help you to learn more about how to ask and answer various questions. The focus of your study will be on business law and systems and analytics. With the 68% acceptance rate, you can enter this school without problem with proper preparation.


Entering the TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN FLORIDA will help you to get everything that you need to build your career. However, you also need to remember that the success you will get depend heavily on your effort and hard work. Now, choose the school that you like and pursue your dream. (pc)