Top Business Schools in Florida for MBA
Top Business Schools in Florida for MBA - Image by moinzon from Pixabay Free License

4 Top Business Schools in Florida for MBA Programs in 2022

After achieving a bachelor’s degree, you are probably interested to continue your study to a higher level. If Florida is your home or your favorite place, it can be a good place for this. Yes, the state has many colleges are universities that offer MBA programs. Some of them are even considered the best for their high ranks in the list of top national universities. So, what are the top business schools in Florida for MBA programs in 2021? Here they are.

Warrington College of Business Administration, the University of Florida

The college of business by the University of Florida is indeed well-known as one of the top business schools in Florida. It is reasonable if the MBA program in the college is considered the best among others in the state. It is even included in the list of the world’s top 100 MBA programs in the world by The Economist. Such achievements have just said so many things about how good the MBA program here is. Located in Gainesville Florida, the graduation rate is also quite high, it is 85%.

Chapman Graduate School of Business, the Florida International University

The MBA programs in Chapman Graduate School are divided into some groups. They include the International MBA and the Professional MBA Flex. The majors offered are also various. You can choose whether your interest is more into Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategic Negotiation, Marketing Channel Strategy, and more. If your place is quite far from the college, it is no problem. The graduate school of Florida International University provides an online program also.

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Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami

Miami may be better known for its stunning beaches. But sure, the city is more than that as there is also the University of Miami along with its Miami Herbert Business School. The business school offers an MBA program with some concentrations. Those concentrations include Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisition, Management, and more. The location is in Coral Gables, making it strategic to reach from many spots around.

John H. Sykes College of Business, the University of Tampa

If you are looking for a college that provides affordable tuition and many scholarships for its MBA program, the college of business can be a right answer. Yes, the tuition is Entrepreneurship and Cybersecurity are some concentrations offered by one of the top business schools in Florida for MBA. (pc)

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