Top Schools in Florida for Business
Top Schools in Florida for Business - Image by kherrmann from Pixabay Free License

2 Programs in Top Schools in Florida for Business

There are some top schools in Florida for business. This state offers you plenty of benefits, including from the education side. Additionally, it can be a place for students with a business degree to grow.

Students can get a better quality of schools and higher business prospects for its graduates. Here are two popular study programs in Top Business Schools in Florida.

Undergraduate Programs

This program has become one of the favorites among other programs. It allows students to learn more from the beginning. Moreover, they can gain more experience and enrich their knowledge in a specific field.

From the in-state undergraduate program, you can know the average cost of attending this program. It costs $16,370 on average before financial aid. Besides, 15 schools provide undergraduate students with more affordable fees.

Data from Discover Business Education in Florida mentions two state colleges that have an affordable rate. First, Palm Beach State College offers a tuition fee of $2,444 per student. Second, Florida State College offers an almost similar rate of $2,878 per student.

If you browse information from the internet, you can find more lists about undergraduate business schools in Florida. You can sort them based on tuition fees and city.

Moreover, you can classify most top schools in Florida for business based on the financial aid provided per student. Start your choice from acceptance rates, including their average ACT and SAT scores.

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Graduate Programs

Florida does not only offer you plenty of selections of undergraduate programs. It also has multiple graduate programs as your options. All are leading with higher quality and easy requirements.

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These options enable students to pursue a business degree at the graduate level as well. You can find around 22 schools with accredited graduate business programs.

Data mentions that the average cost is affordable for most students. It starts from $27,255 and is offered without financial assistance. You can get financial aid once you gain admission.

The lowest tuition is at The Pensacola’s University of West Florida with the cost at $12,461 before aid. Meanwhile, other universities provide students with the highest tuition fee. One of them is the University of Miami with tuition fees at $91,748 before financial assistance.

Most schools also offer courses on the internet due to the increasing popularity of online MBA study in Florida. Students can get the lists from the internet. These online programs of top schools in Florida for business have the same curricula and courses as offline programs. (pc)

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