What is the Best Business School in Florida
What is the Best Business School in Florida - Image by geralt from Pixabay Free License

What is the Best Business School in Florida? Guidance for Prospective Students

Are you interested to continue your study in business? Well, there are many options for it actually. Even in a small state like Florida, many business schools are available where you can get the best education. So, what is the best business school in Florida? The state brings you some options, choose the best one.

Heavener School of Business, University of Florida

Everybody who lives in Florida must know well that the college, University of Florida gets the best reputation among others. The business school is located in Gainesville Florida with a graduation rate of 87%. The undergraduate program in the university consistently ranks in the top 10 of the US university. It offers some majors including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and more.

Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami

The next college in the list of top business schools in Florida is Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami. The campus is located in Coral Gables, Florida. To meet the students’ interests as well as the demands of the market currently, the business school offers 14 majors divided into 3 degrees. The learning system also focuses on critical thinking as the development of the world indeed needs that. In addition, the graduation rate is 81%.

Business Program of Everglades University

For those who are looking for an online program in studying business, you can go to this campus. The program is available for a bachelor’s degree. Sure, it provides an offline program if you prefer a direct teaching and learning process. There is a special program namely the Innovative Program for the bachelor’s degree in which you can finish it only in 41 months. The main purpose of this program is not only to create professional businessmen. But also the program purposes to make policymakers and people who are experts in the area.

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College of Business, Florida State University

Among many study programs offered by the College of Business in Florida University, 2 of them are not usually heard. They are Retail Management and Professional Sales. But you should admit that those 2 programs sound promising for a professional career nowadays. Aside from the regular program, you can attend directly in the classroom, the college of business also offers an online program. The graduation rate is up to 80%. So, what is the best business school in Florida? You can mention the college as one of them. (pc)

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