Top 10 Business Schools in Florida
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4 From Top 10 Business Schools in Florida Highly Recommended in 2022

Are you interested to join classes in one of the Top 10 Business Schools in Florida? If yes, sure, you must prepare yourself. There must be a tight competition to accept and you must study hard once you can enter the college. Florida may be located on the edge of the USA. But it doesn’t make the state be left behind in terms of education. From the top 10 business schools in the state, here are some of them you can consider.

The University of Florida – Heavener School of Business

It is reasonable to place Heavener School of Business from the University of Florida in the first place. It is even always ranked in the top 10 national business schools in the US. The reputation is also great as the alma mater’s name helps its graduate a lot to find a job. Many big names are also enlisted as its alumni. But of course, you must work hard to be accepted as the acceptance rate is only 39%.

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Florida State University – College of Business

The next recommendation is the College of Business from Florida State University. The school offers many study programs in 3 degrees. 10 of them are for undergraduate levels. While the rank is still below Heavener School of Business by the University of Florida, the competition to enter the school is even tighter. The acceptance rate is only 37%. However, the graduation rate is quite high, it is 80%. With the big name of Florida State University, the reputation of alumni is also very good.

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University of Central Florida – College of Business

The College of Business by the University of Central Florida offers many majors, particularly for the undergraduate program. You can find popular options in the top business schools in Florida here such as accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, real estate, and many more. If you are interested to join online lectures, it is possible also. The school provides a program and you can get a certificate after being graduated.

Florida International University – College of Business

The business school provided by Florida International University is recommended for you who are looking for scholarships. Besides, many awards are also given for outstanding students. Some majors are highly recommended. One of them is the undergraduate degree in real estate. With a graduation rate of 72%, the College of Business at Florida International University is an ideal place to enter. (pc)

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