How to start small business with no money
How to start small business with no money - Source: Dariusz Sankowski dari Pixabay Free License

How to Start a Small Business with No Money: 4 Business Ideas to Try Now

Speaking about how to start a small business with no money, many ideas are available out there to be executed. All you need is just hard work and consistency to reach your business goals. If you don’t have much cash to start your own business, here are some business ideas to start without money that you can put into consideration.

#1. Content Provider

If you have skills in writing, editing, photographing, or video making, being a content provider can be a perfect small business idea to try. All you need is devices and a good internet connection to do the business. They can even be done without leaving your house. It is one of the best ways on how to start a small business from home. As for the amount of money that you will generate from the businesses, it highly depends on your talent and person’s drive.

#2. Personal Creations

Do you like to create something from small stuffs? If you do, why don’t turn your hobby into a business and make some money from it? Personal creations like crafts and arts are now a popular idea on how to start a small business with no money. Instead of renting a building as an art shop, you can sell your pieces of artwork online. It is not only money-saving but can also reach a lot of potential customers easier.

#3. In Home-Services

Services are intangible goods so they don’t cost your small business any money-up front. You won’t even need a physical headquarter for the business, especially if you work in other people’s homes. Some of the most popular in-home service ideas now are babysitting, pet-sitting, snow-plowing, landscaping, and dog-walking. They can be a great idea to try especially if you need a part-time job to earn additional income. You can start with your neighbors or family friends to do the services in exchange for money.

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#4. Resale

The idea behind this small business is quite simple. You only need to acquire goods and then help companies to sell them. To acquire these products, you can use a wholesaling or dropshipping method. However, compared to wholesaling, dropshipping is the more popular business idea for those with money lacking issues. You will get the profit simply by shipping the products directly from the manufacturers. The absence of startup cash required makes it a great idea on how to start a small business with no money.