What is Deductible in Car Insurance

What Is Deductible in Car Insurance and Why You Must Know ?

Do you already know about what is deductible in car insurance? If not, then you can listen to the discussion that we have summarized in full regarding the meaning of deductible in car insurance.

Insurance is something that everyone must have. Because by having insurance, you can have a sense of comfort that you will not get without using insurance services.

For example, if you get a disaster in the form of an accident while driving a car. If you have vehicle insurance, you no longer need to worry because all damage to your car will be fully covered by the insurance company.

For this reason, on this occasion, we will provide an exclusive discussion of what is a deductible in car insurance, which can add to your insight in the world of car insurance, which will provide protection according to the policy you choose.

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What Is Deductible in Car Insurance?

In choosing insurance, make sure you know some of the terms used in the insurance agreement. Of course, this will be beneficial for your own interests, whereas if you don’t know it, it could be detrimental to you.

For that you have to know some of the terms used in the world of insurance as in the discussion this time. One of the most commonly used terms is deductible. Curious about the meaning of deductible in car insurance and when do you pay the deductible for car insurance?

Deductiblesor own risk is the amount of fees that must be paid by the owner of the insurance policy in the event of a claim. This is often overlooked by customers who want to buy insurance, even though this term is very important for you to know before choosing insurance.

For example, your car was damaged in an accident with a loss of US $ 1500 and your deductible is US $ 500, you only need to pay a deductible of US $ 500 to repair your car. While the remaining US$1,000 will be borne by the insurance company, that is the $500 deductible car insurance meaning.

The greater the premium fee paid, the smaller the deductible fee or own risk that you have to bear. Conversely, if the lower the premium fee, the greater the deductible fee you will pay if your car is damaged.

Therefore, know very well the type of insurance that you will choose along with the deductible fees offered. Make sure these costs don’t burden you and don’t confiscate all of your salary, because you definitely have other needs that must also be met right?

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Purpose of Deductible in Car Insurance

This deductible service is carried out solely without any meaningful purpose. For that you can listen to the purpose of doing deductibles in the discussion of what is deductible in car insurance. What are you curious about, just look at the information below.

  1. The existence of a deductible makes every vehicle owner more careful in driving his vehicle.
  2. With the existence of a deductible fee, the client becomes aware that the insurance he has does not cover 100% of the cost of car repairs.
  3. Keep away from small losses which often have a bigger loss value if counted together.
  4. To avoid the relatively small claims administration process. Imagine, if for example a US$5 loss can be claimed, even though the claim process requires several conditions, especially in terms of proof.

It could be that the cost of proving it can be very much more expensive than the value of the claim. For this reason, the deductible can function to avoid the process of administering small claims. Are you interested in using the insurance that we explained in the discussion of what is deductible in car insurance this time?

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